Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Chaos

My mom arrived yesterday. I thought it was going to be a nice day. Afterall, it was Valentine's Day and I had little treats for everyone and red velvet cupcakes ready. So much for that. What I call "my Maine luck" (since I've had such bad luck since moving here) kicked in.

In quick summary - Mary's car wouldn't make it out of the driveway in the morning, my mom's flight (to Portland) was delayed, I got to turn around 30 minutes into my Portland drive to go get C1 and C2 (since with the delay I wouldn't be back in time to pick them up), and I HAD to be in a car with C1 and C2 for over 5 hours - something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

It was a crap day so I'm glad it's over. It also prompted me to be the mean and strict foster mommy and take away 1/2 of C1's Valentine's Day gift. I had got the boys little stuffed animals and made them each a little goody bag of candies - candy is SUCH a rare thing and I've made sure not to include any in past holiday gifts but I figured if I don't let them have everything at once it's not that bad. However, C1 hasn't listened to one word I've said all week and yesterday was the topper. So I revoked the treats unless he's good over the weekend. It's probably mean but he's been so disrespectful to me all week that I felt like I was saying that's o.k., here's some treats. But since it was Valentine's I felt like it would be totally mean to not give him anything so he did get the stuffed animal.

LUCKILY, Mary was at the meeting with the potential adoptive family for him yesterday and they are VERY interested. She's going to bring him to have lunch with them on Sunday. Apparently, the woman had some dream about a child that has a problem with his eye and after that they heard about C1 - he has a eye problem - they thought it was fate. So weird but I have my fingers crossed that he can be their "dream child". The husband works with special needs children which is GREAT and they know what they're getting into where we were told he just needed love. We've given love, lots of it and it's done nothing.

I feel terrible wanting him out of the house so much but it's just become an unhealthy situation for everyone. It's best that he be with a family that has no other children where he can be the focus. And these people are older and I'm sure much more patient. I try but after a year, my buttons are pushed too easily. He needs that renewed energy that this couple seems to be able to offer.


Tracers said...

Not mean! And feel no guilt. You know what you are able to handle. You wouldn't be doing C1 any favors it you adopted him and you couldn't meet his needs.

Candice said...

Thank you! We've been getting some weird reactions since we're not adopting C1. Of course these people haven't spent more than a few hours around him, never mind having them live in their home for a year. Then we get horrible reactions that the boys are being separated and of course these people don't know the history of the boys.