Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

I was able to get C2 a doctor's apptmt (with the actual doctor - wow), it was quite the 1.5 hour adventure. C2 is a very UNwilling patient so I bribed him with M&Ms. If he was good and followed the doctor's instructions he would get 2 M&Ms (it doesn't take much) and it worked. I recently learned that M&Ms were not only a magical potty training tool with C2 but a magical bribe for other things. He even stood on the scale at the doctors. Usually it's a big process and then they finally weigh me and then weigh me holding him. It's not so much a defiant thing as it is a shy thing and hating to be the center of attention thing.

Anywho, apparently there is something called cough asthma and that's what the doctor thinks C2 has. At first, the dr. tried to blame daycare. I mean, I definitely agree that daycare is a culprit of illness. However, I had C2 home with me for the first 6 months we had him and he was still ALWAYS sick with a cough. And the record number of times we've brought him to the doctor concerning a cough definitely supported this. So we got a prescription for a nebulizer. I hope it works. Aside from the poor lil' guy hacking up a lung all night, I would really like to sleep through the night before the baby arrives.

In other news, I'm glued to CNN for the primary results. Actually CNN.com since the boys are watching the Rugrats movie. I don't remember the last time I was actually able to watch the evening news.

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