Monday, February 18, 2008

Expedited Transition

I discussed things with Mary and she agreed to change C1's transition schedule. The transition will happen much more quickly, within 2-3 weeks. Luckily, the adoptive family also agreed to this. I am SO happy for this and feel a huge anxious weight lifted as the schedule originally set up had him going back and forth until April. I really felt this would be draining on everyone and since C1 would get so used to going back and forth, I worried he would totally freak when he wasn't coming back here.

We also finally agreed that we would take a few weeks for C1 and C2 to not see each other. We just finally got out of visits so I don't want to reinstate them. Visits are not fun so I want to make sure that it's thought out carefully to be a positive experience for the boys and not just force feeding them an unhealthy relationship.
And I feel like both families should have time to settle in as families. So I am glad Mary listened to this and even though she doesn't totally agree with everything, she's willing to do it.

I know this is much more difficult for her. She is closer with C1 than I am and she feels much more sympathy for him. But I really think this is going to work out for everyone in the end. And I think this finally gives us the time we need to settle in before the baby arrives.


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