Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day

LONG day - boys were home due to snow. C1 was his usual C1 self - being defiant and not listening to anything. It was too bad because at the beginning of the day I actually thought we might have fun since C1 has been in respite for most of the weekends lately. He was even being a jerk when I tried to do his Valentine's for school with him - some alone time that I thought might redirect him. I just have my fingers double crossed that all goes well at the meeting with the adoptive family.

Thanks to our saint of a babysitter, we were able to go out last night. We went out to dinner here. It was a bit of a drive but worth it, afterall even time ALONE in the car is valuable to us. We always see it on the way to Bar Harbor so we figured we should try it. I was definitely impressed and we had lots of yummy food.

Getting dressed was a process. I'm in a weird stage where my regular clothes don't fit me but then maternity clothes (mostly pants) are just too big. I finally managed to pull together an outift and at least I wasn't in sweat pants.

crappy pic but note the growing baby bump

In other news, my mom arrives tomorrow. We had made the decision to keep C1 out of respite this weekend since we'll have extra help and we know he likes to see Nana Patty. After today, I'm regretting it.

Mary and I finally agreed to not change C2's name. As much as I'm not a fan of the name and it's not something I would've named my child, I just think it would add to possible identity issues and we've been calling him it for a year so it's sort of grown on me. Anywho, we are just changing his middle name and of course last name. Since Mary was deadset on changing his name, she picked the middle name. There was basically a rush since our lawyer called us to tell us she was waiting on our paperwork (which includes his "new name").

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Tracers said...

Woohoo, the baby bump!! I can't wait until it's my turn. I plan on keeping a photo montage, because I'm, uh, petite and vertically challenged it will be a hoot.

You guys had date night!! According to fly lady (yes, I try but rarely succeed to follow FL) it is very imortant.