Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ready to GO

We're off later today. My mom will watch C2 while we're away. It's a double bonus since we don't have to kennel Chloe. She's also been a lot of help this week and I always have fun hanging out with her. Yes, I admit, I'm a momma's girl.

Mary's mom (Jayne) comes up in a few weeks too. Jayne is usually total chaos but I'm actually looking forward to her visit. It's during Mary's "spring break" which she told me she'd take time off - I knew that would not happen. But now that her mom is going to be in town, she has to :-) Jayne was talking about bringing Georgia back up with her - she's now a "snow bird" dog since she's spending the winter in Florida. Of course Georgia has bitten a few people since she's been down there - oh, crazy Georgie. I'm hoping she'll give us a few more months since it's still too cold for Georgia up here.

I'm going to be a lady of leisure on my birthday tomorrow. I was trying to figure out something to do between the time we check out of the hotel and our flight - Mary's set up meetings in Boston of course. So I'm having my hair, nails, and eye brows done. Mary doesn't want me to get my nails done while I'm pregnant but I am in serious need of a mani/pedi. I'm already not dying my hair, am I just supposed to go to crap while I'm pregnant? ;-) Plus, I told her how me and my friend Melissa were constantly going for pedicures while she was pregnant and she has a perfectly normal baby. Anywho, I told her that if the place reeked of chemicals, I'd just get my brows waxed and leave. When we were in Florida - I went, noted that it reeked of chemicals and had no ventilation so I left. It's winter in Boston so I'm thinking it won't be crowded with lots of people getting their nails done.

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