Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogging from the Nation's Capital

Well, I'm here in D.C. After a crappy flight, I was extremely happy to find we were staying in a fabulous hotel. I told Mary that any hotel that has little L'Occitane products for their hotel's shampoo, etc. is for me :-) Hehehe.

Yesterday was my birthday. It didn't feel very birthday like but I did have a nice day. In the morning, we went over to see some rentals that the university's rental agency offers. Thank goodness, Mary agreed with me that the first one was OUT of consideration. Taken, the rent is cheap for the area, it was not only disgusting and without a dishwasher (with 2 kids, I'm not living without a dishwasher) but also one of the three bedrooms was on a separate floor. We definitely need the kids on the same floor as us. Of course, people make what I consider crazy suggestions of having C2 share a room with the baby or for the baby to be in our room. We do plan on having the baby in our room for a couple of months but we're definitely not co-sleeping kind of people.

Anywho, the second place was a single family house. It definitely has the space we need and is actually bigger than our current home but it had some draw backs. It's old which includes some really cool features and character BUT it definitely needs updates in many areas of the house. And as renters, we're not going to be updating anything. The rent we could afford but it is high and I'm scared with such a big and old house that we're going to get killed on the utility bills. And with the high rent and utilities, we wouldn't be able to save much to purchase a home in a few years which was the original plan. But we'll see, Mary's obsessed with it and definitely wants to rent it. It's also available now so we have to see if they'll hold it for us.

After the rental search, Mary had meetings so I planned an afternoon of pampering. I got my hair cut, my eye brows waxed and much to Mary's dismay, I did get a manicure and pedicure. Of course, the nail salon had absolutely no other customers when I showed up and by the time I was leaving was packed. Luckily, somebody didn't start getting those yucky acrylic nails until right before I was leaving. Mary also freaks out about bacteria in places like that but it's a place I've had my nails done countless times and is very clean. I was happy to have some maintenance done :-)

We headed to the airport early and had dinner there before our flight. Eating an actual meal right before flying was not the best idea but I made it through without throwing up on the guy next to me. Yes, the guy next to me, since my ticket was booked after Mary's, we weren't able to sit together :-\ That part kind of sucked but later we decided it was better since as anxious flyers we couldn't feed off of each other.

Oh well, I'm off to explore and hit a museum or two. Mary's in meetings until about 5:00, I have my fingers crossed that she'll get out a little bit early and can see a few sights with me. The weather said it was going to snow here which I actually prefer to the rain that's happening right now. C'est la vie.


Tracers said...

It sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time!! Are you guys moving to Washington or Boston? I hope you find a suitable rental!

Lannette said...

Glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound. I share your preference of snow over rain, much neater and you can brush it off of your head :)

Wishing you the best with finding a rental. I hear you on energy costs with an older home though...

Candice said...

oh, we're moving to Boston - we had stopped in Boston to look at a few places before heading to D.C.