Monday, February 11, 2008

Adoption Process

We signed a pre-adoption agreement today. I sort of felt like I was signing my life away. Of course, we got to look over all the medical history AFTER we had signed. Oh, I just love dealing with DHS. Now that I looked everything over, I think I'm going to commit to not looking at it again unless absolutely necessary (filling out medical papers or something). Because unfortunately there is nothing good. It sounds terrible but it's a lot of drug abuse and mental history in both parents and in their families. Even though C2 seems fairly normal now it just makes me way too nervous as he gets older. I am hoping environment opposed to genetics will have the biggest impact.

I was also a little surprised to hear that C2 has a 1/2 sibling on his father's side. We had known of a few that C1 has. And the sibling is about 5 years older so we were more thrown off that the bio mother had never mentioned it to us since we had asked.

Oh well, now we move forward. I am hoping it's a quick and painless process. She keeps saying 3-4 months but I'm kind of surprised that it will be that long. I am hoping for more like 1-2 months. We're also meeting with a potential adoptive family for C1 later this week. Well, actually Mary is since it's scheduled for the exact time that my mom's flight arrives. I am feeling more and more sad for C1 but I know it will be best for him to be moved and hopefully some healthy contact can be maintained amongst everyone.


Lannette said...

Hi, School and the final push to graduate and become licensed has heated up and my time to post has dwindled to close to nothing. Still I wanted to pop in and say; Congratulations and best of luck as you move forward.

It sounds like things are falling together even if they aren't falling in as orderly a fashion as you'd like them to. (When do they ever??)


Candice said...

I was wondering where you were! Congrats on finishing school or at least being in the final push. I remember how crazy it was when I was finishing. Do you have to take Nat'l Cert in NH?

Right, if it was up to me, everything would've been final months ago. At this point, we'll be sending out adoption announcements along with birth announcement - oy vey ;-)

Lannette said...

Yes, Candace we do have to take the National exam, that and a state practicum. Once I pass the nationals I could get a license in Maine if I wanted to. I live pretty close to the Maine border but probably far enough away that performing massage therapy there isn't going to happen.

That's too funny about sending out adoption and birth announcements together!