Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sick House

Mary was home sick yesterday, today it is C2. And I was up all night with some weird back spasms. I hope this isn't a sign of pregnancy things to come - I'm only 17 weeks. I vacuumed, swept, and steam mopped all the floors yesterday so I'm hoping I just pulled something and it is no big deal.

Mary seems to have some sort of flu so I've been trying to take care of her and avoid her at the same time. I so don't want to get sick. And C2 has his usual cough. He's pretty much had a cough since he came here. We thought we had finally "cured" it with 2 rounds of antibiotics but it's back less than 2 weeks later. We're going to the doctor later so hopefully they can finally refer him to a specialist. We just got his medical history (now that we're actually an adoptive family - so ridiculous) and it said he was born with respiratory problems so we are thinking that maybe he has asthma. Anywho, I hope we can finally get it under control because the poor lil' guy is up all night coughing on a way too regular basis.

Nothing else new, otherwise I'm avoiding all sports news. I still can't believe the Pats' lost the Superbowl. I'm pretending it was some bad dream :-(

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sararz said...

I understand how you feel, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, am living in texas and am not a Texan. I also LOVE Pema Chodron books! Sorry about the Superbowl and sorry to hear your little one is sick.