Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Go in the Snow

Go, go, go today. First off, it was a speach eval for C1. Kind of annoying since he turns 4 tomorrow, the speach therapist said he can't test him at the 4 year old level until he is actually 4 so we have to go back in a few weeks. Oy.

Then I took him to get his haircut. I always have anxiety about bringing the boys to get haircuts. It should be a simple thing, right. They are very well behaved and sit still during their hair cuts. But no, I dread the hairdresser referring to me as "mom" or "mama". This time it was "mama" (which is the worse of the 2). C1 made it very clear that I was NOT mama. Obviously, I didn't want to explain the situation and luckily it happened at the end so I just said, "oh no, I'm Cannee" as I turned a bright shade of red.

Then it was off to drop him at school and rush to C2's school before he started lunch. He's been sick so I was going to keep him home all day but that wasn't possible with C1's apptmts. Then lunch, nebulizer, and Scooby Doo. C2 definitely enjoys the fact that we don't limit t.v. watching when he's sick. And now NAP. Have I mentioned how much I love nap time :-)

Tomorrow is C1's birthday. It should be quite the event. He's definitely way too excited about "turning into 4". I am hoping I don't have C2 home tomorrow so that I can get things done. And apparently C1 is able to have popsicles for everyone at school tomorrow so I'm supposed to go to that. I've been over there way too much this week. Mary thought it would be mean of me to miss it but it's popsicles & a 40-50 minute round trip - I'm going to be wrapping presents, making a cake, and getting balloons and what not. And I reminded her that I didn't go to C2's school for his birthday.

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