Friday, November 30, 2007


So my prego sickness has been on and off. I call it prego sickness instead of morning sickness because it doesn't just occur in the morning. Random sickness might be a better term. Today, it was pretty much all day. And of course I had a million errands I planned on running. I had to get an oil change for Mary's car and then was going to get some things for the trip.

I get the oil change and then make the mistake of going to Dress Barn. What's with Dress Barn? I never really go in there, it's more my mom's type of store. But anyways, I drove by the other day and saw a really cute dress in the window. I thought, this could be a perfect way to end my Florida dress shopping. Nope, I went in to find the smallest size in the dress was a 16W. I'm assuming the W means wide? Like if you're a size 16 you're not wide? I don't know, it was annoying.

I found a skirt in a size 6 that I thought could be an option. Mary's mom stressed that the wedding was pretty casual so I thought a skirt might do. I'm not normally a 6 but in my bloated state I've definitely upped a size and it was elastic banned so I tried it on. Then the nausea hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm surprised I didn't throw up in the dressing room. Terrible.

I had also wanted to go in Old Navy that's in the same plaza. I don't think I've bought anything for myself from Old Navy in about a million years but they have really cute clothes for the boys. Anywho, I decided to suck up my nausea and head into O. Navy. Of course, it's Christmas time and the line was ridiculous with 2 cashiers working. I really thought I was going to faint in line. I also kept planning my fall into the doggy coats so I wouldn't hit the cement floor. LOL.

Oh well, I'm off to meet Mary and the boys. C1 is headed off to the respite house again and we're going to this horrible Maine restaurant beforehand. We decided to do this instead of McDonald's. I hate McDonald's but I almost wish we were going there because I wouldn't have to think about eating. Anywho, we didn't want to send him 2 weekends in a row but we leave on Wednesday for a week with the boys so we decided it was best and he really wanted to go. It will also probably be the last time he goes there in a while.


Renee and Janice said...

Thank you for your post and your info. I appreciated it and wish you and your partner lots of luck on your pregnancy. I will follow your journey. I can't wait until the day comes that I have morning sickness :)

Sacha said...

W means women's. 16W is women's 16 vs. a 16 misses. It does not literally mean wide, it's a plus size.

Candice said...

Oh, o.k., that's good - I thoguht that was kind of cruel for it to mean wide. I don't mean to be an ignorant skinny b*tch, I am just so unfamiliar with plus sizes and I was in a bad mood.