Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just another day

It's been a boring day and yucky day. It seems to rain so much lately. I've been mostly stuck in doing a data entry project for Mary. Oy. This is the most horrible one yet. I can't believe Mary is working her pregnant wife like a dog. ;-) Hahaha.. At least today I got to work from home and didn't have to go into the University's library like I did a few times this week.

I did get out for a diaper buying adventure. Oh, if only C1 would potty-train. While at the fabulous Target, I decided to invest in some cheap maternity shirts. It's not like I'm visibly prego to most people but it doesn't hurt to have some longer shirts. Afterall, if we don't tell people in Florida I'm prego, I don't want everyone to think I'm a heffer so I plan on wearing somewhat baggy clothing. I'm sure they won't notice either way, Mary's family like Mary is not very detail oriented.

On a random note, at what age should kids not bathe together? The boys take their bath together. It works out because we don't have to give 2 baths and it's one of the rare moments that they seem to enjoy together. C1, however, seems to be growing at an unusually quick rate where he's taking up most of the tub. And last week, we had, "kiss my penis". To which I flew in and said, "do not tell anyone to kiss your penis". Today, it was, "kiss my bum". I mean, they have no idea and it is kind of funny but also WEIRD.


Trace said...

Kiss my penis, huh? My husband loves those words. (ok, maybe TMI). As far as bathing goes, I think you have time. I guess it would become inappropriate around age 7 or 8? Since we don't have kids I'm not sure.

Sometimes you do look at someone and wonder if they are pregnant or need to lose a few lbs, but YOU know you're pregnant and don't need to lose weight (the two of you look pretty slender in your blog pics). I keep wondering if my husband will think a pregnant body is attractive (currently he likes the slender Trace). He on the other hand jokes about the large boobs and the milk thing. Hmmm, I wonder if I should expect some sort of kinky behavior on his part?

Candice said...


Yeah, I think that's why I already feel bigger is because normally I'm so thin.

Yeah, Mary was all excited that I was going to have bigger boobs. Mine already look bigger but they hurt like I've never felt before. Then by the time they're not hurting, they'll be shooting milk. LOL.