Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Strange Evening

Well, Halloween went well until the end of the evening. I met Mary & the kids at the mall so we could get a jump start on the trick-or-treating that began at 5. It was crowded but it was pretty organized so moved along pretty good.

Then we went home for a quick dinner and went around the neighborhood. Our neighborhood was packed! Probably only about 30% of the people actually live in our neighborhood. The others just drive around. Now last year it was pretty chilly and a little bit rainy so I didn't think much of people driving. This year, it was actually pretty nice out. And they don't just drive and drop the kids at the end of the street, they drive to every house. It is just sort of disgusting to me. Many of the kids are already over-weight in this area, now they're being driven around to collect candy. Ugh.

Anywho, the boys did have a lot of fun trick-or-treating. They were thrilled to be able to stay up late and run around outside at night. And since we don't have street lights, they were very hapy to wear glow sticks.

Now comes the crazy bad part. Before we left, Mary asked me to get my keys and I did. However, there was no house key on them. A few weeks ago when I was gettting an alignment for my car, Mary made me take the house key off of them and I never put it back on. I usually use the garage opener in my car to get into the house.

Nonetheless, it sucked! I went in the back of our house to check to see if any windows were unlocked. Mary comes back and says we're going across the street, the woman said we could wait there. I thought this was a nice gesture but I tried to tell Mary to say no, saying we don't have normal kids to bring to the neighbors. But Mary was psychotic about the entire thing and insisted even with mild temperatures we needed to wait inside.

There I found out that they not only have the nicest looking house on our street on the outside but also on the inside complete with lots of formal furniture. The boys acted as if they had entered a fun house and began jumping on everything. The woman was very nice about it, she's like it's kid proof (keep in mind, all her children are college age so now is there time to have nice stuff). I'm like, oh yeah, Queen Ann chairs are meant to be bounced on. It was just insane.

The other weird thing was she thought C2 was a girl. Mary of course didn't notice this at all (for an extremely intelligent person, my wife pays zero attention to details) and I felt weird letting her know he's a boy. Earlier when we went trick-or-treating there, she said to C1, let your sister have some. Then she kept referring to him as "she" when we were at her house. I mean he has a pretty feminine face but he's 2. We've also cut off the crazy curly hair he had when he first came to us. Needless to say, he looks like a boy and was dressed as Super Man. It was strange.

Mary called about 10 locksmiths with no luck and then FINALLY got in touch with her friend Todd that has a key to our house. Luckily, he was finished trick-or-treating with his son so came by with the key.

This just seems to be our typical luck since moving to Maine. What can go wrong, will and what can't go wrong, will! Luckily, I have gone from wanting to bash my head into a wall to laughing about the boys craziness at the woman's house and the awkwardness of the situation.

In other amusing Halloween things, here's some pics' of Georgia in her lobster costume. I felt like she looked more like she got eaten by a lobster rather than dressed up as one. LOL. But she was a good sport about wearing the costume.

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Trace said...

Oh, wow, hectic!! I don't know if it's a Maine thing. My understanding from my friends is that sort of stuff happens more frequently when there are kids in the picture.

We didn't get ANY trick or treaters! We were all ready. Josie was in her 'costume', we had candy, our new working doorbell, candle in our faux jack o'lantern, and no kids (sigh). I guess the houses on our street are too far apart so it's a lot of work to get candy and all the people are older (we are the youngest (I'm 33 and Sweetness is 36).

That is definitely strange about the little boy/girl thing. It would seem pretty obvious based on the superman constume. If he was a girl wouldn't he have been in a super woman costume? Or the oh so popular dora?

Little Georgia in her costume. Did she go trick or treating w/you guys?

Lannette said...

Sorry about the crazy night. It really is strange about your neighbor and the Boy/girl thing.

Your dog is so cute! I love small dogs. I have an ancient (almost 16) Jack Russell.

You has asked me about massage school. I really do enjoy it but have a 2 hour commute each way, only once or twice a week, but it's growing old. But the classes themselves are great.

Candice said...

i can definitely relate lannette - i had a ridiculous commute for massage school. what i thought was going to be an hour commute each way.

during the week, it would take about 2 with the traffic getting out of the city. then coming home, i'd spend about 45 minutes looking for city parking! oy.

that part i definitely didn't enjoy! but all in all, i loved it. i had a small class & the school had a great staff. i kept having to remind myself that's why i was doing the commute :-)

Candice said...

oh, and the only other thing i can think about the neighbor thinking C2 is a girl, he has one of those trendy unisex names. a name i feel is more appropriate for a girl & have thought of changing if we adopt him.

Lannette said...

Well I think you had it tougher than I do Candice. I have a two hour commute but the traffic isn't generally bad at all. I do remind myself that I'm doing this insane commute in order to attend the best school possible. I just think that I'm so near the finish that I'm feeling like it's enough aleady. LOL

Yes, I trendy Unisex name might be confusing for some, especially if they're from an era before unisex names were popular. Still makes you scratch your head in wonder given the costume.