Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Florida & Our Lil' Doggie

So we have made the decision to all go to Florida at the beginning of December for the dreaded wedding. Who knew something as fun as a wedding could cause so much drama? Anywho, it should be CRAZY.

I basically threw down the rules of how things are going to be. So we are flying direct from an airport that's very close (thank god we don't have to drive to Portland), are renting a place, Mary's other sister is looking into a babysitter, and Mary's promised to take on more cooking/cleaning than last time when it was pretty much all on me.

I'm definitely freaking out about bringing the boys though. They are so hyper active and out of control lately. Even C2 seems to become more defiant everyday. He's usually the sweet one that doesn't really do anything bad. I'm also not a good flyer so I'm always anxious about flying.

Hopefully Mary will do everything in her power to make it a minimal stress time. Not to put it all on her but I am the prego one and it is her family...and they can be pretty overwhelming. There are 6 siblings total so it gets crazy. Sometimes her mom isn't talking to her dad so won't be at things he's at which makes it even crazier. Hopefully this isn't one of those times. Anywho, since we'll be renting a place hopefully there will be times that I can stay back while she carts the boys around to family events.

On a positive note, I am definitely looking forward to getting out of Maine in December. Already I'm FREEZING. I think it will also be much easier this time since we're flying direct from a nearby airport. Last time, we had to drive down to Portland (about 2.5 hours away), had a lay over in NY, and once we were on the plane we sat for over an hour before taking off. It sucked! We're also going to take C2 to the doctors beforehand to see what they recommend to ward off sickness. He always gets sick when we travel.

Oh, the topper, we've decided to bring Georgia down so we'll be traveling with 2 kids and a dog. Oh, I wish we had a video camera. All 7 pounds of Georgia had a rough winter in Maine last year. Mary's mom offered to take her until the Spring so we finally decided to take her up on the offer. I was against it since I love my lil' Georgie but I can see she is already not wanting to go outside. Aside from it being rough on her, at age 8, she's still not perfectly trained and we just can't have her not wanting to go outside. We plan on getting her back in the Spring which will hopefully happen. She is technically Mary's dog but ever since she's lived with the 2 of us, she's been in love & obsessed with her favorite mommy - ME :-) LOL!


Trace said...

Well, it sounds like you ready to deal with the big trip, glad that Mary is going to make an effort to assist. I know you'll miss Georgia, but maybe it will be nice break considering the two boys, your other pooch, and kitties. Unfortunately, no wine at the wedding...sorry...

Candice said...

i know, we definitely have our hands full with the 2 dogs & 2 boys.

the cats will definitely be overjoyed too since georgia is not a big fan of them & she's such an attention whore.

hahaha...i know, mary has been trying to convince me that drinking wine is o.k. she is crazy! though, i must admit, once you're actually prego, not drinking is easy! nothing like the 2ww times. soft cheese on the other hand...