Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saved by the Sick Kid

Mary is on her way to court and I am not. C1 woke up sick this morning; coughing and complaining about his ears. He usually eats a big breakfast but this morning would hardly eat so we knew he was really sick. The kid tends to be a hypochondriac so we don't always believe him when he complains about ailments.

Since court is today, we had to get the o.k. for me not to go since C1 can't go to preschool sick and we don't have any day time babysitters. I do feel bad that Mary has to go alone but she's all into court since she's obsessed with being all Law & Order like. And she practically does public speaking for a living so she's the better one to talk.

I also would've liked to go to see what happened first hand and if any of the dads make an appearance I will be bummed to not get a look. Hopefully Mary takes notes so we can discuss the drama later.

As for MY bio kid, I finally have my midwife apptmt in one week. I seriously feel like I've been in the longest wait of my life. Hopefully the midwife can set Mary straight that pregnant women are TIRED. I feel like Mary doesn't think my fatigue is for real. I seriously feel like I could sleep all day and night and still be tired. Taken, I'm EXTREMELY grateful to finally be pregnant I do hope this tired stuff doesn't last the entire 9 months.

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