Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Joys of Having Only 1 :-)

Our weekend with C2 was great and as relaxing as you can get with a child. He is pretty low maintenance so that is definitely a bonus. We also got to be pretty relaxed with rules and routine, something we commented wouldn't have been possible with C1. Even on his own, C1 needs a fine structure.

After only a few hours, Mary and I were commenting on how sweet it is to just have one child. Something we have never experienced. We weren't arguing about obligations, just taking turns without any discussion.

We took C2 out to breakfast this morning to the "choo choo train restaurant". There is a train that goes around it which makes it one of the few kid friendly places around. Midway through breakfast, he says, "this is kinda nice to be by myself." Apparently, he was also enjoying being the only kid. Kids say the funniest things.

Afterwards, we hit the mall to get something for C1 so he'd have a prize upon his return. And we figured out going to the mall right after it opens is perfect to run the kids. LOL. It wasn't crowded at all so we just let C2 burn off his energy by sprinting across the mall. Definitely something we will have to keep in mind for the winter when going outside around here isn't very possible.

Mary definitely missed C1, I didn't. I love the kid but I knew he was only gone for the weekend & he was ridiculously excited to go. Almost too excited to get away from us. Mary is on her way to no man's ville to get him. Hopefully he is as excited to go home as he was to leave, otherwise Mary will be pretty bummed. The one thing that is consistent with C1 is his unpredictability so it could go either way.


Trace said...

We babysat my best friends 2 kids the other week and we came away thinking we would only have one child. Are you guys planning on adopting the 2 boys?

Candice said...

at this point, we really don't think in the long run we can deal with C1's problems. if they decide to split them, we'll pursue adoption of C2. yeah, we go back and forth. i have wanted 2 kids, mary wants 4. yes, you read right, 4!!! i have tried to meet her in the middle with 3. however, i don't want them all within a year. at this point, i'd be happy with one though i don't know about the only child thing.