Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Blog Shout Out

I don't know them IRL but I've enjoyed reading their blogs.

Congratulations to Steph & Carey (of infertilepediatrician and uterus times 2) on the birth of their son Hudson. Mary & I had kind of joked about having babies at the same time. But they are actually doing it - and having 3 total! Yikes! It will definitely be interesting to watch their journey with "lesbian triplets".


Trace said...

I've been to infertile pediatricians blog when we were discussing donor insemination. She had her baby? congrats to her!

Candice said...

yeah, the baby is adorable! you can see on her partner's blog - uterus x 2.

Trace said...

OH WOW, twins +1...can you imagine the fatigue!! And yes, the baby is adorable! That is a cool name too. We always discuss names for the phantom child.