Friday, November 16, 2007

C2 and my pants - ha!

I have C2 home today. We attempted to get a haircut at the mall which was insane and didn't happen after the supposed "15 minute wait". My first choice was to go to Super Walmart - I know, it's terrible but they have everything in one spot. Controlling a toddler in a mall is one of the worst things ever. But Mary didn't leave his car seat so we had to illegally drive over to her work which put me far from Walmart.

Anywho, C2 has been driving me slightly insane but he is cake to C1. I definitely couldn't have him playing down stairs while I'm writing a blog entry. At least C1 will get his time tomorrow since Mary is going to try to do some special things with him on his own. I feel bad but he's even difficult on his own at home because he can't be left in a room alone or he'll freak out. This makes having him home for a full day extremely difficult.

In other news, my pants already don't fit me. A benefit to a lesbian relationship, Mary is exactly one size bigger than me so I've been able to wear her pants. But, hello, I can't believe my pants don't fit. I think it's more the bloating that comes with pregnancy because I've weighed myself and haven't gained anything. Though I didn't think I'd have to think about bigger clothes until at least the 2nd trimester.

Oh well, we are off to see Bee Movie :-)

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