Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Glorious Weekend - ha!

So I had a fun day on Friday with C2. We went shopping and saw the Bee Movie. The Bee Movie had a lot of adult humor, some of which I thought would've been inappropriate if C2 was at an age to actually absorb it. One that really took me back was a line about how Jewish people look. Taken Jerry Seinfeld, the star and maker (or whatever) of the movie is Jewish I still couldn't believe the line was in the movie. Needless to say, I definitely enjoy Ratatouille more.

I don't think I'd keep C2 home on a Friday again though because I feel it just set me into exhaustion for the weekend. I am a VERY TRIED pregnant woman and somewhat pukey. One funny thing is I had to umm, puke with the child nearby. I was worried he was going to be scared. Instead I hear, "Bless you Cannee" just struck me so funny.

Anywho, the weekend sucked. C1 was in one of his psychotic modes so we went through about 4 flip outs. 3 of which happened yesterday. The last one lasted about 2 hours, I swear it's like a crazy house here. We're watching Amazing Race while some kid is screaming bloody murder. We both look totally unphased since this is just how things are. Then C2 is crying because he's scared so we have him downstairs. Oh, C1.

We are somewhat relieved that he seems to have given up or just doesn't have it in him anymore to play his therapist. It may be the sessions with C2, that he can't hide is anger and rage for his brother. Who knows, but needless to say, she has mentioned the possibility of splitting them up since she sees their interactions as abnormal sibling stuff. We are going to start having C1 go to respite on some weekends to see how the brothers do apart which I must say, cannot happen soon enough. After the weekend, I was about to call the caseworker this morning and ask for him to be moved completely. Something we definitely don't want to do after sticking with the kid this long but we're both at our breaking point and don't see any real possibility of adopting him if we want to stay sane.


Trace said...

Foster adoption is a battle in so many different ways. Being able to recognize you limits is GREAT!!

Lannette said...

It's wonderful that you're trying so hard to keep the boys together but I can see where you'd be reaching your limit on patience.

Hope you can get some rest. Pregnancy fatigue just demands that you take it easy. Your "puking" story really gave me a chuckle.