Friday, November 9, 2007

random bits

My internet explorer has been down since Wednesday afternoon. It went down almost immediately after Mary left on her trip with the laptop. Fabulous. Luckily, my phone can access the web so I haven’t been entirely set back in communication but it still sucked. I managed to removed some programs that looked suspicious so that seemed to fix it but we definitely need to update our virus software.

Anywho, Wednesday sucked in general but I managed to get the kids off to no man’s land. I brought them to McD’s after school to kill some time before heading to respite. Their pre-schools are north of here and so is respite – I didn’t want to back track. McD’s was a mad house! Usually the one near their school isn’t so bad (at least not as crazy as the one in our town) but it was packed, we just barely got a place to sit. The boys were both off their rockers along with all the other kids. I usually have ear plugs in my purse (I use them for long rides with the boys - I know, I'm terrible) but they weren’t there. So I planned on staying there until 6:30 but we left just after 6 since I couldn’t take it anymore. So I tried to drive slowly but still managed to get to the respite house at 7:15. Nobody was home which I figured may happen since they said 7:30.

But Mary hadn’t written down the house number on the directions so I went by memory of the last time. I’m like great, I’m sitting at someone’s trailer in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, it was them! They arrived a lil’ before 7:30. C2 did his stiff weight thing when I tried to get him out of the car. Finally I managed to pry him out and he was fine once we got in & he saw toys. Of course, when I asked C1 for a hug when I was leaving, he said, “No”. The kid is such a lil’ bastard. Needless to say, I wasn’t sad leaving them but rather relieved the entire way home.

And I’m still enjoying the freedom! Yesterday I went down to Portland to meet my friend Melissa & her son Jackson. She lives in northern Mass. so we thought it would be fun to meet in Portland to have lunch and tool around. I wish we lived closer or IN Portland, it is a cute little city and much closer to cool Maine places. So we walked around and had lunch at a yummy wood fired pizza place. Another thing I miss about being in Boston is good gourmet pizza.

When I left, I had thought of going to Babies R Us in Portland since we don’t have one around here but decided against it. I was getting tired and I had left Chloe & BoBo (so Chloe would have someone to play with) in the garage. I fell asleep on the couch around 6 and then when I woke up, immediately went to bed at 8. So pathetic but I guess that is being prego.

Today, I have been enjoying my freedom and doing some errands and cleaning. It is another dreary day around here as it has been most of the week. Mary will get home tomorrow afternoon hopefully with no car troubles since she probalby won't have her cell phone.

Mary is anti-purse and anti-bag so I am usually her purse. She had dinner with a friend in D.C. last night and had her hold her stuff. Well, she left her phone with her. Her friend lives an hour outside of D.C. so who knows how she’ll get her phone back. Of course, I was like, how drunk were you? LOL. She claims she only had 3 beers. Oh, my crazy wife.

And I finally managed to get an apptmt with a midwife. Nobody called me back from earlier in the week so I called a few more today and finally scored an apptmt. It's not until Dec 4 when I'll be 8 weeks. I had read that some OBs/Midwifes won't see you until 6-8 weeks so I was hoping for closer to 6 weeks. Oh well, at least I have an apptmt. Mary said I needed to see a dr. before our trip. It's the day before - LOL.

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Trace said...

It sounds like you are enjoying your time away from the muchkins. Will they still be away when Mary return? You guys could do something special sans kids.

The weekend is almost here. Hopefully it will be a good one!!