Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Lesson in Foster Care

We finally set up the weekend respite for C1. Thank goodness! I already feel a huge weight lifted off of us. The weekends are when things get crazy since the boys have so much interaction then. So he'll be going to the same respite provider we've used twice from Friday - Sunday and possibly next weekend. This is also a bonus because I was dreading the 4 day weekend with Thanksgiving.

Of course when Mary finally got in touch with the caseworker, she had been trying to reach her since last Monday, she was all, "so you want him moved". Geesh, this was not what we were trying to say at all. We're like, "we just want respite for the weekends to see how the boys do apart". We had also already gone over this with the therapist, the respite provider, and guardian ad litem who all agreed it was a good idea. Unfortunately, nothing can be done until the caseworker approves it. Luckily, Mary seemed to set her straight on what we were really trying to do. As much as we're at our limit with C1, we can deal with him during the week and moving him so suddenly would definitely mess with his psyche. Nonetheless, caseworkers are crazy.

We also were informed that bio mother is definitely taking the termination case to court. The guardian ad litem had told us a few months ago that it's very rare these things go to trial. Apparently, most people sign their rights away before hand because if they have children later there is more of a chance of keeping those if you have voluntarily signed your rights away opposed to having them revoked in a court. Of course, the bio mom has been informed by everyone including her own lawyer that she doesn't have a chance of winning but she is selfish and would rather draw things out in court. The great-grandmother is also still suing for visitation. With TPR just around the corner I'm not sure what she's thinking since open adoptions are not possible in Maine. Of course, we get the craziest placement.

We also found out that after the trial, the judge has 30 days to make a decision. Obviously, we hope this is a much quicker decision. We feel like we're in limbo with the holidays and random things coming up. Will we have both boys by Christmas? Just one? None? I guess one thing we've learned through this process, planning anything with foster children is not really possible.

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