Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Alcohol for Prego Lady

Mary arrived safe & sound on Saturday. We ended up having a couple we recently met J&D over for dinner. Probably about the only lesbians we know in the area so it was nice and we never have people over to our house so that was fun too. We do have a pretty nice house so it's nice to show it off once in a while. Anywho, they are a lil' bit strange as far as they've been together for 11 years *yikes* and J doesn't really seem out. But to each their own and I guess they're going to try to have a baby soon so that will be nice. I definitely want to connect with other gay & lesbian families in the area so our kid isn't the only one. Though I guess it's unlikely we'll still be living here come school age or whatever. That's too much to think about.

So we had a fun evening - I made some manicotti and we played Buzz Word. Everyone got to enjoy some wine except for me. Hmph! I have been pretty good with the not being tempted but being the only one not drinking definitely sucked. Mary thinks I can have small glasses every once in a while but I'd rather not. I've always been disgusted when I've seen prego women indulging in even a lil' bit of alcohol.

This morning we went to brunch which was SO nice. We have been wanting to try this sort of fancy brunch place but knew it wasn't a bring the boys type of place. So I took all my energy of not being able to have a mimosa and put it into eating like a prego woman. LOL. I've not indulged in the "eating for two" yet. Afterall, I always think that expression is crazy - I'm eating for myself and a fetus - NOT 2 adults. But I did enjoy the brunch buffet and pigging out on an assortment of items. I've also decided to have a non-vegetarian pregnancy so my new love - BACON.

We lounged around for the rest of the day and caught up on DVR'd shows. Oh, life is sweet without the 2 terrors. I can't say I really miss them, in fact I'm dreading their arrival. If they were BOTH sweet and loving and got along for more than 2 minutes, maybe I'd want them home sooner rather than later. The week of their appointments will also start as soon as they get home. So we were both devastated when we asked for them to come home at 4:00 and the respite provider said she'd be in town (for her other foster placement) around 12. I guess our peace and leisure had to end at some point.


Trace said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! I am not looking forward to the now wine/beer thing. We are definitely a couple that likes to imbibe. You know, there may be more lesbian couple than you know. I know I always think we have to be the only people doing donor insemination, but every now and then I run into people who aren't run of the mill and I realize there are plenty of different families I just don't have any reason to meet them (no kids so don't get to meet other 'rents, work in the city and live in the burbs so don't really know people in the area).

It sounds like you two got to spend time together just the two of you and you loved every minute of it.

Lannette said...

Your time without children sounds wonderful. The wine thing wouldn't have bothered me unless it was a nice dry red wine and then I'd definitely be feeling deprived.

My oldest son is gay and I'd love nothing more than for him to eventually be in a long term relationship and eventually adopt or have a child through a surrogate mother.

Were you a vegetarian prior to becoming pregnant Candice? I ask because I'm a vegetarian though about every 6 months I end up eating some milk, cheese or at least a few eggs. I think it may be the B 12 I'm going after. Because the urge will be very strong and then as fast as it comes it goes away for another 6 months or so.

Candice said...

Yes, I was what I call a pseduo vegetarian. I had been a strict vegetarian for about 10 years but a few years ago I introduced fish. I planned on going non-veg in the pregnancy because I just don't want to be picky and rather just focus on what's healthy.

And your son may settle down at some point & have children. The male couples I know that have children are on the older side of parenting. I think it takes longer for the men to settle down & having a child for 2 men isn't exactly easy. We heard from one of them how much the entire process cost (using a surrogate). It sort of justified how much we were spending since it was about a 1/10. geesh.