Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Termination of Parental Rights

TPR - just like that. The mother finally decided at the last minute to voluntarily sign away her rights. Luckily, I didn't go because there was no trial. Now, they will think about doing a goodbye visit which I think is absolutely insane. Hopefully we have back-up from the therapist to not do this or that she's able to facilitate this by being there. And no fathers attended, they'll have to hunt them down to sign off too.

Of course, we thought everything would be over. But, no, we have the most crazy case out there. They decided to hear the great-grandmother's case at a different time. Now, that isn't until the end of January. So ridiculous that they let this stuff go on so long. No adoption decision can be made until that crap is done with. It makes me sick to see how selfish some adults can be. Really, these people are looking out for themselves and not the kids and them having a permanent situation ASAP is what's best for them.

Oh well, at least TPR finally happened. I feel somewhat bad for the mother, but only to a limited extent. Afterall, she hasn't parented the boys in years. I would've had more respect for her if she gave up a long time ago instead of continuing to show up to visits high and set them up for disappointment.

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