Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Call Me Whiney Whinerton

This week is crazy. Today, I've been at Mary's work all day doing data entry in the library. Oy, the library is annoying. And aren't people supposed to be quiet? There is some media lab right near where I'm sitting and people are always talking. I also have been sneezing all day and have a terrible headache. I need to get some tylenol since I can't take advil. And I'm FREEZING and tired and VERY whiney. Can you tell?

Anywho, we are supposed to go to court tomorrow for the TPR case. As usual, the process is completely ridiculous. We were subpoenaed for Monday. Yes, today. Then we were told the judge will make the schedule on Monday and it will probably be for Tuesday. We had called to talk to the caseworker about something totally unrelated when we found this out. Umm, what about everyone else that's subpoenaed? I know, the kids' therapist was definitely pissed because she didn't know what day to cancel her clients.

I am not looking forward to going to court. Last time I went to one of the hearings, I was so uncomfortable and now this time I'm actually going to have to talk. I do NOT do public speaking. Hopefully I don't have a full fledged panic attack when they call me.

I also have an interview on Wednesday morning. I had applied to some jobs pre pregnancy. Now, I'm hesitant to even go to the interview. What if they actually hire me? In a few months I'll be noticably pregnant. So crazy. I wish the temp agency would call with a job, I'd just rather do random temp jobs until I have the baby.

It was also a major process for us all to get out of the house and get the dogs settled this morning. If I get a job, I don't know how I'm going to get to work on time. Speaking of dogs, what do people do with their dogs when they're not home? We had this dillema when I was working before. Neither dog is a dog that can go all day without having an accident or tearing something up.


Lannette said...

So much change going on around you! I'll send you some positive public speaking vibes tomorrow.

I don't know how big your second dog is (can't tell for sure from the picture) but you may be able to pad train your little one.

I worked part-time until we had two in college then changed to FT. My little JR Terrier was 13 and had never been pad trained in her life but she caught on right away. She's 16 now and blind but can still find and hit the pad. She's small enough that large puppy pads work just fine and lock in the odor. She also ended up changing her schedule around a bit too so that she usually only pees while I'm gone and then goes both ways again when I get home.

A pet door wasn't an option because we live in the middle of the woods and were afraid of other animals using it to get into the house. I'd also be afraid a fisher cat or coyote would nab her when she was outside alone.

Hope you feel better soon!

Trace said...

Before Josie could hold her bladder all day (she can now that she's older) we hired a neighbor. She was 12 (I think) and we paid her to come over every day and let Josie out.

I saw pet doors at Fosters & Smith (a catalogue or online) that are locked and linked to a dog collar. The door unlocks when your dogs collar gets close to it.

Candice said...

Chloe is a medium sized dog, about 35 pounds. We do have a fenced in yard but unfortunately a doggy door isn't possible since our kitties would escape. They are all indoor cats.

That's cool about the locking doors. Unfortuantely, I think BoBo would manage to piggy back on Chloe to escape. LOL.

We've gone with leaving the dogs in the garage when we're gone. It's a pretty big space but I still feel bad about it.

Maybe we could find one of the kids in the neighborhood to let her out after school. I wish like in Boston there was a dog walking service available. There are some doggy daycares around but they are crazy expensive - more than the boys' daycare.