Monday, November 5, 2007

Now What do I do?

O.k., so now that I've actually gotten a positive pee test, I'm like what do I do??? Up until this point, all my research and knowledge has been about getting pregnant not being pregnant.

So I've been trying to research OBs and mid-wives. My preference is to go with a mid-wife. My gyn that was doing by insems' is just a gyn, not an OB. Plus, I feel it would be a little weird to have the woman that got me pregnant delivering the baby. LOL.

Mary thought I should call my doctor for a blood test. I figured I'd just try to schedule an appointment with a mid-wife. Hmmm...I guess I'll call one and they can tell me. My gyn had recommended someone last year and I found that she was covered under my insurance. Now I went to look again on the insurance look-up thingy and she's no where to be found.

Oh well, I'm sure I will find someone. I'm also a total worry wart. Of course, I'm happy but I am so paranoid that all of a sudden I'm not going to be prego. Every time I go to the bathroom, I'm worried there's going to be bleeding. Hopefully this worry will subside or it's going to be a LONG 9 months.


Lannette said...

Well, did you celebrate yet and jump up and down with excitement? Just kidding.

A nurse midwife delivered both of my children at a birthing center and they were both wonderful deliveries. Not necessarily easy but wonderful. That's why I'm probably partial to nurse midwives.

Candice I totally can relate to your fear of finding blood each time you visit the bathroom. Even though my boys were born 21 and 22 years ago I can clearly remember having that anxiety with both pregnancies early in the game - More so with the first.

The longer you go the more real it will become and once you feel that little one move then it really becomes so very real.
Anyway, I'm so excited for you both that I'm rambling. So I'll close by saying CONGRATULATIONS again.

Candice said...

Thanks Lannette! I'm hoping to go with a nurse midwife long as my insurance will cover one. I think it will be a much more personal experience & I've never been a huge fan of doctors.

Lannette said...

If your insurance doesn't cover a nurse midwife they might cover a nurse midwife who works with a doctor. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you on this one.

Trace said...

I will be scared when it is my turn. My best friend told me that during pregnancy I'll be scared that something will be wrong with the baby, after birth I'll be worried about everything.

Wow, the other commenter Lannette had two boys 21/2 years ago? Confirms the rejuvinating affects of yoga.