Friday, November 23, 2007

A Happy Thanksgiving

We had a good Thanksgiving at home. The weather was absolutely awful, cold & rainy all day so we were glad to not be doing any traveling. Of course, this also left 2 stir crazy kids. Our plan was for Mary to take them out to a playground or something while I cooked.

Instead, we watched the Macy's parade and the National Dog Show, both of which I love. Mary and I were psyched that an Australian Shepherd (Chloe's breed) won best in show. Oh, If only our Chloe could be so regal. ;-)

As for the food, my turkey breast ended up taking a lot longer than the 1-1.5 hours on the directions. That left us eating at about 1:30 instead of the planned 12. C'est la vie, my first time cooking a turkey. After all, we had Thanksgiving here last year but my mom did almost all of the cooking. Of course dealing with children that have a routine is an entire different thing. C2 was already having a break down at 11:30 crying about needing lunch.

Anywho, the kids ate a serious amount of food. In C1 and C2 fashion, aside from corn, they favored opposite items. C1 likes potatoes and turkey, C2 doesn't. C2 likes stuffing and cranberry, C1 doesn't. I was laughing that I enjoyed the cranberry the most and all I did was open a can. Hahaha...I always enjoy things more when they're made by someone else.

After eating, we all went into a turkey coma. I don't care what all the articles say about tiredness not being from the turkey, it is. We finally had to wake the kids up after they were napping for a whopping 2.5 hours. Mary & I were joking that we should eat turkey every day.

In other news, later today, C1 is off to respite for the weekend. He has actually been pretty well behaved for the past couple of days aside from some fights with C2. But it will still be a nice break to only have to deal with one child.

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Trace said...

It sounds like you guys had a nice day. Glad your turkey was a success! I ordered one those cooked & glazed turkey breasts when I hosted a gathering last week so I'm pretty impressed.