Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Lovely Weekend

Saturday we went to the mall hoping to find some wedding clothes. The only thing I ended up buying through our entire hour plus trip was a large penguin. That took me about 20 minutes to buy, third line is a charm. Now I know why I never really shop at the mall especially around Christmas. Luckily, while I was buying the penguin, Mary took C2 to the car. The penguin is for his birthday so I didn't want him seeing it.

Also, C2 was a lil' bit crazy to handle with actual shopping. There's no carriages in the mall. We never bring the stroller because we only have a double one that sucks. Anywho, we usually go to the mall for the boys to run wild and go on some of those lame rides. So he was not easily contained to say the least.

Mary had finally talked to her sister about her boys outfits but we couldn't find the same ones. So we ended up going to a store outside of the mall and found the boys lil' suits. It's going to be ridiculously cute. I thought it was kind of crazy to spend $100 on clothes they'll be wearing for about 20 minutes - they're only going to picture time before the wedding. But later I found out Mary's mom is paying for every one's wedding clothes so now I don't feel so bad about it. Ha!

Then Saturday night, we went to some parade near here. Yes, December 1st in northern Maine, we went to a parade at night. It was 15 degrees with a windchill of 0. Only in Maine. We put C2 in layers of clothes, a snowsuit and jacket. He totally looked like the little brother in Christmas Story, I couldn't stop laughing every time I looked at him. Anywho, it was actually the biggest parade there's been around here and C2 had fun seeing alll the floats with lights and Santa.

Then we decided to check out this Pakistani restaurant. We have wanted to try it for a while since neither of us have had Pakistani food. It's very similar to Indian food and I used to be an Indian food addict when we lived in Boston but the one place we have in town is not up to par. The Pakistani food was actually really good and C2 even ate a decent amount.

Today, we have just lounged around. C1 will be arriving shortly so we're preparing for his arrival.

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