Monday, December 3, 2007

Florida Drama

The wedding in Florida is becoming dramatic. Shocking. We thought we had everything set because Mary's sister (not the one getting married) had coordinated her daughter's daycare provider to watch all the kids during the wedding. We were thrilled. Then, the issue of the rehearsal dinner came up. Mary's sister mentioned she was going to try to look for a babysitter, we thought that would be great and if she couldn't find one, we'd just bring the kids.

Well, later we find out Mary's sister (the one getting married) also doesn't want kids at the rehearsal dinner. O.K., whatever, but we live thousands of miles away and can't just come up with a babysitter easily. Then we're told there's a babysitter for all the kids - there's 6 kids (including ours) - a 13 year old is going to watch them - keep in mind all the kids are under the age of 4.

We basically said, "hell no". One, we don't have normal kids that we'd leave with a 13 year old. Two, we have foster children that we can't just leave with anyone. Three, I'm not sure I'd leave my own kids with a 13 year old and the babysitting will be 45 minutes away from where we're going to be.

Mary's sister's suggestion was, well can't you go and Candice can watch the kids. These are reasons I don't really like Mary's family. And the reason I didn't want to bring the kids, it's Mary's family so she's obligated to go to events but I don't want to be stuck watching the kids.

We had an out of towner dinner (no rehearsal dinner since our ceremony was done separately) the night before our wedding. It was casual and we allowed kids to be there. We also coordinated babysitting for the kids that were coming from out of town for the wedding which we didn't want kids at. Nobody coming from out of town had to worry about babysitting. We're just thinking it's harsh because 4/6 siblings HAVE children and most of those people usually use family to watch their kids. So it's creating drama for everyone to get childcare 2 nights in a row and Mary's sister seems oblivious to our situation. We have foster kids and we live in Maine, not exactly easy to find childcare in Florida.


Trace said...

It totally agree. It boils down to being a good hostess. Plus, why are you the one suggested to babysit?

Lannette said...

That sounds totally insane. Every part of it. A 13 year old with 6 small children 45 minutes away? I wouldn't have left my boys in that kind of a set up either. As for you babysitting instead of attending, well that sounds plain rude.

Candice said...

Right, that's what I thought. If they can't find a babysitter than we can't go - neither one of us. It's so lame.

And we're totally not into the idea of a 13-yr old watching any children.