Monday, December 3, 2007

No More Brown House

Well, C1 has worn out his welcome at "the brown house". Apparently, the honeymoon was over for the respite family. He basically threw fits all day on Saturday, wouldn't sit on the potty, wouldn't take a nap and started breaking Christmas ornaments and decorations.

She also said he did nothing but fight with their 14 month old placement. It doesn't surprise me at all. I was almost relieved to hear it since we usually get a sugar coated version of his stay there. And I felt like recently Mary had forgotten about C1's issues since we've had a good couple of weeks with him. He goes up and down and we haven't had him the past 2 weekends so I felt that was more of the reason we'd had smooth sailing the past few weeks.

We were kind of bummed when he arrived. We had offered to watch her placements since she was going shopping in town but instead her mother was watching them. We were getting all excited to have 2 babies in the house, she has the 14 month old - a little black boy and a 4 day old infant. They picked up the infant from the hospital on Friday. We were definitely jealous they got such a young infant and he has no drug addictions (why most infants come into the system), that was our foster dream.

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Trace said...

That sucks for you guys...respite care is a fantastic resource. I hope you have the option of others to utilize?

Have you two decided if you're going to adopt both boys? I know you mentioned the grandmother wanted them, but it wasn't realistic.