Sunday, December 16, 2007

Papa Bill Visits

So my dad came in for a visit Thurs-Sat. He was supposed to come up on Friday but the storm was hitting Massachusetts hard so he left early. It was sort of overwhelming since we just got back from the trip and I'm not feeling well but we still had a good visit. And the boys were entertained with him so that's always a good thing. They also seem to be better behaved around strangers which is both good and bad. Good for them to be acting good but then people don't believe that the majority of the time they are not so well-behaved.

Anywho, we did some Christmas shopping on Friday. I think I am almost finished with the boys shopping so that is a good thing. I also had C2's birthday to cover which is this Thursday. Until February, the boys will both be 3. Aaaaaaaah!

My dad is definitely bitter since he just bought a small condo in Mass. for more than we paid for our house. So he gave the house a lot of praise and kept saying how nice everything is. Since we don't know many people around here, not many people see the house. I've spent a lot of time decorating and what not so it's nice to get some compliments on it.

Oh well, we are just stuck in with the crazy snow storm we are having. After my dad left yesterday, we went to see Santa. C1 actually had a great smile in the picture, C2 was clearly overwhelmed and shocked. His mouth was wide open the entire time and then when we went to pick him up from next to Santa, he pulled dead weight and didn't want to go. LOL. Oh, children.


Trace said...

It sounds like a nice visit and a great time w/Santa. My in-laws live in rural PA (amish country) and whenever we go there we're amazed at the amount of house you can get for the money. If we spent as much as we spent on our current house we'd have one of the island in the kitchen. Instead we have a nice split level in a great area.

Candice said...

yeah, we definitely don't have a mcmansion (i know what you mean) but our buck definitely went WAY further than if we had bought in mass.

LKC said...

Just found and nearly read every post in your entire blog. My partner and I are on track for our first IUI in January. Coincidentally, we've had past discussions about being foster parents - she very much wants to do this and I definitely think it takes a special person with a gift and I know I am not that person. Sigh. Right now, we're focused on our own bio child first. Nonetheless, I've enjoyed reading and will continue to stay updated on your blog!


Candice said...

Hey - thanks for stumbling across the blog.

As a foster parent, I'd say you made a great decision to NOT foster. We love the boys but we often regret getting into foster care. It's a long and disgusting process for both us and the children.

Anywho, good luck in your baby pursuits! It can be a long and frustrating journey but worth it in the end :-)