Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So Long Christmas

Christmas has come and gone - it was a good day but also kind of boring. Mary and I were commenting on how we always wanted a Christmas where we just stayed home and it was just us. Now that we finally had one, we wanted to be around our extended families. I was also jealous since ALL my family was in Ohio. My older brother and dad even flew out there (my mom, sister, and younger bro already live out there).

It was also kind of weird since we only did stocking stuffers. Mary was pretty creative and I got some good things. But we didn't have any gifts to open and we didn't end up getting our camcorder in time for Christmas.

The boys made out like bandits with a million toys and things. It was fun being Santa and seeing their reaction to everything. Of course, they flew threw opening gifts in about 5 minutes. Me and Mary also had the experience of putting things together the night before. We just set up their bigger gifts so we wouldn't have to do so in the morning. One of which was a blow up thing that the boys can bounce in. This was awful! We tried to use our basketball pump but it just didn't work so we had to blow it up using lung power. Oy - I thought I was going to pass out at one point and Mary ended up having to blow up the entire base on her own. Oh, the joys of being a pseudo parent.

(the new "big" toys)

The week is definitely dragging by with the boys. I am starting to feel a little better as far as I'm not vomiting 3-4 times/day but I'm still pretty tired and nauseous at times. And Mary is sick yet again. She had a terrible cough/cold for about 1.5 weeks then she had a few days where she was better and now it's come back full force. The kids are also coughing and sniffling. I joked that I was going to check into a hotel since I'm so afraid of getting sick while pregnant.

This morning I went to what I thought was an appointment for some regular blood and pee tests. They didn't tell me what it was and I never really question things, they just said come with a full bladder. Well, it turns out they were testing for down syndrome and part of the way to do that is with an ultrasound. Of course, I was thrilled to have an ultrasound (I wish I could have one every day) but Mary was not with me. So I felt SO bad that she wouldn't see the baby and when I got home and told her, she was very upset.

I had the tech print out a bunch of pictures so that I could bring them home to her. I will try to post some of them later. The baby is definitely looking more baby like though I have a picture of the face that looks pretty scary. LOL. I was also relieved to see that I have only lost about a pound. My scale at home showed about 5 pounds lost. Oh well, I'm sure I'll start gaining plenty of weight come the 2nd trimester.

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