Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2nd Tri, Where Are You?

I am EXTREMELY grateful and happy to be pregnant but the second trimester can not come soon enough. The nausea, fatigue, irritability and just general sickness continues while everyone tells me the 2nd tri will be joyous. My fingers are crossed that this is true for me.

We got out last night, thank goodness for our babysitter coming though with same-day notice. We went to Best Buy to look at some camcorders. Mary finally decided that we should get one instead of buying each other gifts. I was not only relieved to not have to look for a gift for Mary but I have been begging for a video camera for a few years now. And now that baby is coming, I need one!

Normally, I love buying Mary gifts and she's usually the only one I have to buy for. Now, we have the boys. It started off as fun shopping for them. Then my parents both sent money for me to buy them gifts for them. I figured that would be fine, I especially didn't want my mom to feel obligated to buy something and then have to mail it. And well, my dad kept asking me what they wanted when I finally told him just to give the cash. THEN Mary's mom decided to do the same thing. But now I've lost track of what people sent and what gifts are from them and what are from Santa. Of course, the boys won't really care - they just want gifts but I feel like it's my obligation to transfer every one's money into gifts. And don't even get me started on wrapping! ;-)

Anywho, after the shopping trip, we went to Olive Garden for dinner. Everything seemed to be going good. I figured if I just ate a small amount I'd be good. Currently, me and eating are not kosher - at all. Last night was the same, about 1/2 way through dinner it was clear I was going to have to make an emergency trip to the lady's room to puke that dinner. Oh, the joys of being pregnant. Mary was not impressed. I told her we can now only go out for dessert and since I also can't drink so it will be a cheap date. :-)

Despite this, it was nice to get out. After our trip and then a rough weekend with C1, we definitely needed a break. Parenting the boys is tough on it's own. But with me sick with pregnancy and Mary has had a terrible cough/cold for the past week, we are both at our wit's end. At least usually, we take turns with being "done" with the boys.

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Trace said...

We're not buying each other gifts either. We've decided to get a new sofa and love seat. My coworkers and friends keep looking at us like we're freaks, but everything we want is too expensives (new appliances, new doors, etc.).