Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend Approaching

It's become a joke with me and Mary since she got this interview in Boston. I say, "I can't believe we're moving back to Boston". The look that Mary gives is quite funny. It's probably stress overcoming her face so I probably shouldn't think it's funny but I do so I start laughing.

C2 is obsessed with Boston, we've taken both the boys down a few times and C2 went with me once on his own. Anytime he's pretending to go somewhere on one of his riding toys or something he's "going to Boston". And as many times as I've told him that Nana Patty (my mom) lives in Ohio now, he's still sure that she lives in Boston.

Apparently he overheard one of the times I joked about moving back to Boston since he told his teachers yesterday that he would miss them when he moved to Boston. This just totally cracked me up. And then I felt sad because even if we do move back, C2 will most likely not be with us. But it's sweet, I'm glad he shares my love for Beantown.

So this weekend we are sans C1. I am definitely relieved. We basically coordinated respite on our own which seems to be the only way to get things done. The older woman that took both the boys last time is going to take him. She was hesitant since she didn't have a joyous respite experience with them but luckily she's nice and feels bad for us. He'll be there Saturday - Monday since Monday is a holiday but Mary still has to work. I've made it clear that I won't watch C1 on his own, never mind the 2 together. Since I've been pregnant, Mary has to deal with him when he has a flip out. Unfortunately, she has to take the brunt of his kicking and hitting as she tries to get him to his room. But she's not pregnant, I think if he kicked me I'd probably go ballistic.

But anywho, Mary's going to bring him on Saturday morning. The woman lives super far away so they agreed to meet about 1/2 way - which is about an hour drive. I told Mary that she should go shopping after since she's had some gift certificates she's wanted to use. She's also going to get her haircut in the afternoon.

Needless to say, since I'll have C2 most of Saturday and Monday, I thought maybe Mary could take him on Sunday afternoon. The Pats' play at 3 which coincidentally is the END of nap time. So I suggested maybe she could take him to McDonald's playground while I watch the game. Mary doesn't like the Patriots or the NFL for that matter so I didn't think it was a big deal. Her response, "I want to watch the game and drink beer". Oy vey. Well, hopefully it will be easier to watch the game with one rugrat around, it's definitely not fun with two who are quite loud and constantly fight.

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Trace said...

It sounds like you'll have a fun pretty stress free weekend.