Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Actual Good Weekend

We had a good weekend with just C2 or I guess I should say "superman" since that's what he likes to be called. Everything lately is about Superman, giants, and rocket ships. Since most everything revolves around the fragile C1 here, I sometimes forget what a funny personality C2 has. I was commenting to Mary that it was the best weekend we've had in a long time. I had no anxiety about flip outs and we were actually able to do some fun stuff without disagreement.

Mary was also thrilled since she actually got some time to herself. Since I've been pregnant, I'm not willing to watch C1 on my own nor is Mary willing to leave him with me. The thought of him possibly kicking or punching me in the stomach or just the stress of one of his flip outs is too much. So aside from working all week, Mary also has to be around all weekend. Saturday I was able to give her pretty much the entire day to shop and get her hair cut. We met for lunch in the middle of this which was nice.

Sunday we went to the gym. Mary played soccer with C2 while I worked out. Then I took him to the pool while Mary worked out. And well, it worked out for everyone :-) With both boys, I just wouldn't have been able to "swim them" both in the pool. Note to self: make sure we start the baby swimming EARLY on.

My only annoyance, as predicted watching the game with C2 was not the best. I'm a little bit into football, I joke that the football season gets me through the winter. I did grow up in Foxboro (home of the Pats') and my dad had season tickets when I was a little Candice (that's when they sucked). Anywho, I made a layered nacho dip. We said that C2 could eat the chips and whatnot with us. We are pretty strict with no junk food and the kids so he was very excited to join in on "eating like little piggies". I told him he might not like the dip. So for the first 20 minutes of the game, I got to hear "I like it" everytime he'd dip a chip. We also had to section off part of it for him - next time I'll be sure to make him his own since it was totally gross and went way beyond double dipping. It was more like lick the dip off the chip and then dip it again. LOL. But I made it through the game with C2 in my face for most of it and of course the Pats' are going to the Superbowl :-)

Then yesterday, I had him all day. Mary was making another radio appearance and then working. C2 and I did breakfast at McDonald's which he was thrilled to do. Kids & McDonalds - oy. But we had a fun day and I was happy to hand him off to Mary when she returned home with C1 :-) In C1 and C2 fashion, they started fighting immediately.


Trace said...

Hey hey, I bet he was thrilled. Nachos AND McDonalds. We enjoyed football this weekend too, but are trying to be more nutritious (actually my husband is trying to lose weight) so we made a PF Chang lettuce wrap knock off recipe. YUM!!!

Candice said...

He was! It's amazing and disturbing how much kids love McDonald's. We generally eat pretty healthy which I think makes it easier to feed the kids healthy stuff since they see us eating it too. I know a lot of parents that wonder why their kids won't eat vegetables but neither will they. Drrr.

PF Chang lettuce wraps...yum!