Monday, January 14, 2008

Pregnant Lady

Being pregnant is weird - that's really the only way I can describe it. Sure, it's exciting too. I'm carrying a child! I have wanted to do this for a very long time and it was a long and draining process to get to this point. So at the same time that there is joy of being pregnant, there is RELIEF that I don't have to schedule IUIs or order sperm.

Before I got pregnant, I thought 9 months, that's a seriously long time. Now, I think, 9 months - 6 left. What?!? You can't expect me to push out a baby in 6 months and I'm way too tired to be up all night with an infant. Of course, this will probably all change when I'm 8 months prego, feeling like a beached whale, and just wanting the baby out of my body.

And it's so strange to see my body changing. I mean, obviously, this is an expected part of pregnancy. But it's crazy that the body just knows what to do. I have gained zero pounds - I've lost somewhere between 2 & 5 pounds (depending what scale I use). Yet, I still have a bigger belly and I can literally tell that my rib cage has expanded. My boobs are probably up a cup size which is a great thing if they didn't hurt so damn much. Strange! Strange! Strange! All of this pregnancy stuff is just plain strange.

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Trace said...

9 months does seem long.

The boob thing is something my husband is REALLY looking forward to. He dreams of little petite me w/cleavage (even push up bra's don't do much).

Huh, no weight gain yet?