Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Drama of C1

So we have asked for C1 to be moved from our house. His behaviors have gone way beyond our control or whatever you may call it. We have been struggling for basically the entire time he's been in the house. But at this point, we've decided it's best for everyone that he be moved. He gets so angry and violent when he has one of his flip outs that he should be restrained but we just can't do that. We're just not equipped to deal with such behaviors.

We have still stayed on the table for keeping C2 in the home. We feel at this point C1 should be in a therapy level home and that he is a threat to his brother. However, both of the boys will most likely be moved since the caseworker seems to be dead set on it and we were shocked earlier in the week to hear the therapist support it. Especially after a session where C1 had one of his flip outs and the therapist pointed out how disturbing it was to C2. Though the therapist was supporting both of them being moved to a therapy level home and it looks like the caseworker is pushing a regular home according to the guardian ad litem.

We both feel bad for C2 in all of this. Of course, we feel bad for C1 but so much of the focus is on HIM and his needs. We are worried that C2 is just going to be tossed around with his brother. Afterall, C2 has been in our home for almost 11 months and we're willing to adopt him. He's also clearly bonded to us. C1 on the other hand just isn't able to make normal healthy attachments. But C2 probably won't end up staying here and it's pretty much because of C1, since we can't have him in the home anymore. I mean, C2 definitely has his own set of issues like any foster kid and he's a little on the slow side. But most of his behaviors are age appropriate and we are able to deal with them.

Needless to say, we asked for C1 to be moved 2 weeks ago. I am basically shocked to see that nothing has happened. We only have a caseworker avoiding our phone calls. This week, we plan on asking for respite every weekend until they find him a different home. We hope this will get them into gear. Mary thinks they haven't moved him because we asked for time to prepare him but we only need a day or two notice so he's not just ripped out of the house unprepared. This is a kid you need to prepare to eat off of a yellow plate instead of a blue plate. Anywho, I think our caseworker is just a b*tch.

In other C1 news, it looks like he may FINALLY be potty trained. Of course, I'm a little pissed off since it's right before he leaves but whatever, at least it FINALLY happened. C2 who is 10.5 months younger than him has been potty trained for about 6 months. I'm still hesitant to say that C1 is actually potty trained since we have thought we were close many times only to see regression but he's been in underwear for about 4 days and he's actually telling us when he needs to go. It's a miracle! Of course, both boys still wear diapers for naps and overnight. I wish I didn't have to see a diaper until the baby is born.

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