Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Travel with Snow

My mom is always telling me how it's in the 50s in Ohio. Well, I get here and apparently I brought the cold and snow from Maine. Still, it's been a relaxing trip. All we've done is eat and shop which is fine by me. I made my first purchases at Motherhood Maternity. Not that I'm showing but my clothes are becoming a bit snug and I got a gift cert for Christmas so it was fun to have a little shopping spree.

I ended up driving out here so I'm completely dreading the trip back. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Mary's off on a biz trip tomorrow until Monday so I'm hoping to also return on that day.

The boys day cares were cancelled yesterday (after being off for 12 days). Luckily, Mary was able to get them into respite a day early. We have officially asked for C1 to be moved from our house. What was weird was when we told the caseworker, she said, "oh yeah, I've actually been looking for a therapy level home since I met with you guys last week." Ummmm, thanks for letting us know.

Needless to say, this was a painful and difficult decision but we feel it is best for both him and ourselves. We are hoping to keep C2 in the house since C1 will be going to a therapy level home. But we'll see, DHS likes to do strange things. We are also afraid of how speedy they will remove C1. On one hand, we want some notice to prepare him and on the other hand we don't want them to sit on their a** since he has had extreme behaviors lately that we just can't handle.

I definitely feel bad that it had to come to this. Even Mary has realized that we should have had him moved sooner since we knew we really couldn't handle his behaviors. Of course, it's absolutely ridiculous to think he'll be in his 5th home probably by the time he is 4 years old. But I have to keep reminding myself that we only tried to help him and that his issues were caused by his bio family and "the system". Afterall, both children should have had permanent homes years ago.


Trace said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time...much needed time away from C1 and C2.

Anonymous said...


I was thrilled to discover your blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy! My partner and I will be moving to maine next year and we plan to try to get pregnant soon after the move. I was wondering if you knew if any midwives in maine are willing to do IUI with fresh sperm from a known donor. I know the law varies from state to state. Not sure if you explored that option, but if you have any information about it I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

Candice said...

Hi Sarah - Thanks! Where are you guys moving from? Where in Maine are you headed? We used frozen sperm so it was a bit easier. Some midwifes/gyns won't work with known donors because of STD risk and of course you need to have it washed for IUIs. I do know of some good fresh insem methods. Feel free to drop me an email at