Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some how, Mary got me back to Maine

We're back from Boston...o.k., we actually stayed in Cambridge. We dropped the boys at respite, the dog at the kennel, and headed down. I had us do a stop in Portland so Mary could experience the yummy pizza place my friend Melissa introduced me to.

I did discover that I'm definitely a Boston girl and not so much Cambridge. I did live in the Cambridge area for about a year but the last place I lived in was Boston proper *Back Bay specifically* for about 4 years. That's also the area we usually stay in and well, I'm just more familiar and things seem more compact and easier to get to.

Oh and I'm not super rich Back Bay material. I was a live in concierge...instead of getting paid, I got an apartment. Despite being pretty large for Boston standards, the apartment was kind of yucky but location, location, location. It was the most pimp location so even though the extremely rich residents that I worked for abused my self esteem most of the time, I lived where they lived. hehehe.

Anywho, I got to enjoy a few days of "vacation" while Mary of course worked - aside from a dinner on Sunday with university people, she had a full day of interviewing and then hooked up with her Harvard team. I actually got to talk and socialize with other adults and somehow I managed to remember how. Though I'm so used to the blog it was hard to refer to the boys by their actual names and not C1 and C2. ha!

Oh, there is this new Charlie Card system with Boston's "T". For those of you that don't know, "the T" is the public transportation system. I felt like a freakin' clueless tourist *wicked dumb ;-)* because I had no idea how to use these Charlie Cards or Charlie Tickets (yes, apparently they're 2 different things and charge 2 different rates). So I was missing the old system of tokens and purchasing them from humans.

Anywho, I managed. Monday I met my friend Connie for coffee in the a.m. We started TTC at the same time - she has a 5 month old. Funny how things work but of course she was using fresh sperm - her husband's. LOL. I have to hand it to her since she's working full time and doing a crazy commute in and out of the city. She's also managed to lose what seemed to be all the baby weight and then some though she claims to have a couple of pounds to go.

Then I headed back to Cambridge area to meet my friend Melissa (and her son Jackson, he's at a great age where he doesn't talk and goes with the flow) for lunch. That was a lot of fun. Melissa's a full time super mom and can actually hang out during the day for more than an hour. That night, Mary and I had lunch at my favorite Mexcian restaurant (score one for Cambridge).

And today is Mary's birthday so she actually scheduled her meetings for a little bit later. So we had breakfast together though she only wanted Au Bon Pain (hey, we don't have it in Maine) since she always wants a croissant. Seriously, she should want to move back to Boston just for croissants. Then I tooled around Boston until I met my friend Alison for lunch. She's recently engaged so I got to see her beautiful bling.

I packed lots of peeps in since I haven't been down in a while and of course I'm in dire need of social contact. Of course, every one's excited at our potential move back. But we'll see. Mary thought things went well but this process is very slow and selective so we'll just wait and see. And until we hear something, I'll TRY not to think about it *as I browse craigslist for apartments* ;-)

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It sounds like you had an AWESOME!!! That's great!