Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mama, don't leave me

My mom leaves tomorrow. I'm depressed. Seriously, she's been such a help. I think I appreciate it more this time because usually I'm like "I can do that" and don't want her being bothered but being prego has left me so tired that now, I'm like, oh, you'll do it - thanks!

I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday. This is no uncommon thing around here with 2 dirty boys and 2 ladies in the house, in fact I have about 3 more to do today. Though, somehow 4 out of 5 loads of laundry found themselves folded before I could get to them. I loaded up the dishwasher and started it. Hours later, when I went to empty it, it was empty - my dishes magically put away. I made dinner Tuesday night, my mom made dinner last night (and of course mom dinners always taste better). I got one boy dressed this morning, not two. It's like having 2 me's in the house except one folds better. :-)

I think it's also hit me or how much I miss adult contact. Unfortunately, when I actually see Mary or talk to Mary it's something about the boys or some errand she needs me to do. And in Maine, I basically have zero friends never mind anybody who's around during the day - we have a few couple friends but they are couple friends. My mom is an actual adult to talk to during the day.

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Trace said...

Isn't the live traffic feed neat? I've been fascinated by it ever since I saw it on BlueBellas blog (see my side bar if interested...she's a single mom of twins who talks about everything ;-)

Sorry you'll be losing your companion. Have you considered You can find groups for pretty much anything in you area. I bet there's a play group in there, a SAHM group, a book club, or whatever suits you. I know if I didn't know many people in the area I'd be really lonely too.