Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Keeping Fit

I'm just back from the gym - for the second day in a row. I'm trying to motivate for several reasons. Mary gives me crap about having a gym membership we don't use. *I tell her it was only an extra $7/month to add me and that she NEVER goes* My energy has been so low which I think is a combo of being prego and the winter so I'm hoping time at the gym peps' me up. And I was reading that labor can go smoother if you stay fit during your pregnancy. The mere thought of labor freaks me out so whatever I can do to help it go smoother, I'll do!

Anywho, I feel "fragile" since I've been pregnant so I'm doing light stuff at the gym - mostly just speed walking on the treadmill and some time on that elliptical machine thing. I've also been trying to keep to a regular yoga routine at home. I need to contact a yoga teacher friend though to ask what I should NOT be doing while pregnant. I'm keeping it pretty basic. Since I've been prego, I feel a HUGE need to do yoga. Maybe I'm growing a calm yogi but I think it's because I feel my body stretching and the yoga seems to help that along.

In happy yesterday news, Mary scored an interview with a university in Boston so we are making a trip down next Sun-Tues. Yay :-) I'm excited for the trip and the potential of moving back. Of course, the one HUGE reason we moved from Boston was housing prices which still exist. And of course now we are really having a baby so the factor of needing more than a small apartment is there and we've acquired quite a bit of furniture since we've been here. Mary's also dead set on little or no commute to where she'll work so that pretty much rules us out of buying anything. Nonetheless it will be a fun trip. It's kind of funny since it falls during Mary's birthday. We'll also be in Beantown for mine since we had already planned a trip down for that next month. :-) I love monthly trips to Boston.

When we first moved to Maine, we would go down once/month since Mary was working on a project at Harvard. It sort of made the transition easier since I knew I could see friends, eat good food, and walk places once/month. Now, we rarely go which has left me in rural limbo. Oh well, off to do laundry as usual.


Trace said...

There are special yoga DVDs for pregnancy. Do you belong to NetFlix? Or you could visit Blockbuster.

Enjoy Boston! It's a great city. We had a wonderful time when we visited.

Will you do anything special for your birthdays?

Candice said...

Nope, Mary's past 30 so she's birthday bitter.

The special thing was going down to Boston for mine. Though of course it will partially be a biz trip for her.

Our anniversary also falls in the middle of our birthday times. I'm not sure what we were thinking.