Sunday, January 13, 2008

*Hopefully* the Weekend is Over

It seems like such a long weekend. We're expecting snow tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed with me that pre-school/day care is OPEN. Saturday I actually felt pretty good but of course we had no plans - we literally just sat in the house. Yet another thing I despise about the winter, I feel trapped. I thought I had been getting away from the prego sickness stuff but today it hit yet again. After I lost my breakfast, we went to the mall for a bit. I'd rather shop at the mall but instead we run the kids and have them go on those ghetto 50 cent rides. C1 always looks very nervous and then he usually freaks out and we pull him off yet we still continue to bring him and waste quarters.

Some time Saturday afternoon our heating system broke downstairs. The heat would not go off. It was up to 80 degrees and like a sauna. Luckily, we were able to get the heating guy out to fix it today. And even though our house is less than 2 years old, we've had such bad luck we decided to get a maintenance plan so it was covered.

Anywho, my mom is currently en route to Columbus. I feel bad because she has a nasty layover. Though we were able to switch her flight to a closer airport. So at least her long day didn't start with a 2.5 hour drive to the airport.

My hi-lite of the weekend: after much begging Mary let me order Showtime so we will be watching L Word in less than an hour. Yay! :-) I know, lesbians, the show is so wrong but I just love it.

...Mary is currently in the shower singing "Jingle Bells" - what is wrong with her?


Trace said...

What is L Word? A reality TV show about lesbians?

Sorry your mome left and about the pukeage. I hate the winter too. It's so dark, dreary, and cold. Spring and summer are so much more fun except now that I think about it I realize during the warm months it's all about barbecues, mohitos, and corona. Hmmm...

Candice said...'re definitely straight. L Word is a show on Showtime about lesbians, it's so not reality which for me is the entertainment value. It's pretty much soft porn with a crazy plot. LOL.

Trace said...

Aaahh, although there was a little exploration in college, yup I'm straight.