Thursday, January 24, 2008

And it keeps on going...

I've been so sleepy sleepy so haven't been doing much. We leave for Boston on Sunday so I'm excited about that. I was also able to convince Mary to put both kids in respite. We had been toying with the idea of bringing C2. Mary really wanted to bring him though I'm the one that will be watching him. C2 hates to walk and the only stroller we have is a double one that absolutely sucks. Plus, I knew C1 would be very angry to learn that we took C2 and not him. We've been making sure to keep C1's feelings and vulnerable personality in consideration. He gets very excited to go on "special sleepovers" (a/k/a respite) but he would definitely feel slighted that we took C2 to Boston and not him. So luckily, our saint of a respite worker is taking them both.

We are actually going to have some adult time! Every time we've used respite in months and months it's been to cover Mary's biz trips and we haven't utilized our babysitter in quite some time. Now we're going to have 2 nights without children. Yay!!!

And just when I was thinking C1 might be in a good space. Not having him around on the weekends puts us in a fictitious environment. Yesterday, he head butted a kid at school after an "amazing" therapy session. Lovely. Then when the teacher asked him to apologize, he threw his glasses at her. They were pretty surprised since his flip outs at school are rare but we've seen many of head butts towards C2. The kid has a huge head (90th percentile) so apparently he's realized it can cause pain.

Mary and I are sort of in awe too that he keeps having weird outbursts after therapy sessions especially for the past month or so. His school has mentioned that he's been emotional after therapy sessions or has had behavioral issues. When mentioned to his play therapist, she doesn't seem to give a flap. After all, he's doing "amazing" in the sessions. She was pretty pissed one time when I mentioned that he manipulates her since he knows what she wants and how to act in a limited time frame. Her response was "that's how life is". I said life isn't about manipulation. She's a *bad word*.


Tray said...

I hope you guys have an AWESOME time!!! Enjoy the time spent w/each other w/out c1 & 2. Are you going to meet up w/any old friends?

Candice said...

oh yes, I've probably made too many plans but I'll have plenty of time to have no plans back in Maine :-)