Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I had an interview with a temp agency this morning. I wish everyone interviewed like a temp agency - just testing skills instead of asking weird questions. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house but at the same time I'm not looking forward to having an inflexible schedule. I guess we'll see what happens. I did have to laugh because the position she mentioned is covering some one's maternity leave - obviously, I'm not letting them know I'm prego.

We're basically trying to get some extra money for baby stuff. We're financially set for me to stay home when baby arrives but we don't have a lot of savings sitting around to purchase cribs and whatnot. And even though we plan on a baby sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first little while, I'm already obsessed with the nursery.

Of course, our crazy tax situation plays a part since I'm trying to cap the money I make to still be claimed as a dependent. Oh, lordie, lordie. There's also the factor of possibly moving back to Mass. Since we're considered married there, I don't think Mary could claim me as a dependent anyways.

The possible move to Mass has sort of thrown a wrench in things. After all, if we have the baby in Mass we're both able to be on the birth certificate. We'd still have to do a second parent adoption to secure things but right off the bat we'd be on a birth certificate. Then god forbid something happen to me before a second parent adoption was finalized, Mary would have some rights or at least be able to prove that she's a parent to the child. Oh, being gay and having children is complicated.

It's also unlikely that we'd be able to move to Mass. before we have the baby or it would be a few weeks before which would be a lot of fun to find an OB/midwife. O.K., I don't even want to think about this - I think my brain is going to implode.

So I'll be happy to know if we're moving - either way. Though I'll probably be slightly depressed if we're not.


Trace said...

Oh wow, so the Massachusets move is a real possibility? You know I never thought about both of your names on the birth certificate, pretty cool. Although I do read this one blog where the one girl has infertility issues and her partner donated her egg. So, in a way both of them have a connection to the baby. I thought that was so neat and loving. Hmm, the insurance thing. From someone who has a chronic medical condition that is a BIG deal. I'm hoping for you (yoga, massage therapy, other couples in similar situations). I know you said you don't feel like you fit in, but I'm sure the two of you will happily build your family together no matter where you are.

Candice said...

Yeah, the only thing keeping me here is having a house. So I have my fingers crossed that she gets an irresistible offer :-) She's 1 out of 3 candidates so that's pretty good chances.

Candice said...

That's cool about those chicks - we had thought about me carrying Mary's egg so we could both be a part of the pregnancy until we realized how expensive that would be.