Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cry Baby Wednesday

I'm not sure how but I got stuck with C2 home today but thank goodness for nap time. Yes, the boys were already home as of last night. Mary picked them up around 9:00 p.m. - luckily, she agreed to drop me off first so I wouldn't have to go the extra 1.5 hours to pick them up at respite. Sometimes being prego does work to my advantage. Of course, we could have just picked them up this morning but Mary didn't want C1 to miss his therapy. We find it totally pointless if not detrimental lately so I'm not sure why she saw it so crucial but whatever.

C1 and C2 must've bonded at respite since C2 is being just as manic as him today. Every thing's up and down from laughing and being silly to crying over nothing. I'm not sure what's going on since he's not usually like this. I guess maybe the transition but he's driving me a little bit crazy. Also, since I picked up Chloe at the kennel she's been crying too so now I've had to deal with a crying kid and dog. Aaaaah!!!! Why does everyone in this house seem to have abandonment issues? LOL.

The caseworker and some adoption worker are coming over later today. I'm not sure why the adoption worker didn't want to meet with us at a time when the boys were not around since she wants to talk about the boys. We don't have infants here, these boys can here and absorb things. She also mentioned that now they are thinking of splitting the boys. Geez, this stuff seems to change daily. I'd like to know either way and soon so I can like, plan my life.

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