Saturday, January 19, 2008

Food Issues

So it's not uncommon for foster to kids to have some food issues. This was one thing that was actually touched upon in our foster training. Neglect and not always getting food when you actually need it obviously results in "food issues".

The boys definitely have their issues with food which I'm sure is from their short time with their bio mother. They don't go as far as I've heard of some older foster children that hoard food and what not. However, they eat a lot! I have had this confirmed by other parents and both of the boys' schools. You can also see the anxiety on their face if we're late for a meal or run out of food when they want more. Also, god forbid, you attempt to take something away. They freak and usually shove whatever is left on their plate into their mouth. For this reason, we usually try to avoid doing this. Though sometimes it's necessary when C1 is obviously eating slow only to extend dinner. Since following dinner comes bath, stories, and the dreaded bedtime.

At least for the past 11 months I can say they've definitely had consistency with getting food - 5 times/day; that's 3 meals and 2 snacks. And a snack usually resembles what another 3 year old would probably eat for a meal. I mean, they are growing boys but come on, they eat more than me!

The past few days the food issues were quite relevant. Normally, in the morning they'll eat a yogurt and some cereal here. Then they'll get to school and eat another full breakfast - we call this "the second breakfast". I always feel embarrassed if I'm the one bringing them into school. After all, I fed them at home and they run in and immediately sit down for breakfast like they haven't been fed in days. And if breakfast hasn't started yet, they whine and ask the teacher when it will be.

Well, Friday we decided since they had by some miracle woken up a little bit late, they'd leave right away for school to be there in time for breakfast. C1 started to have a minor meltdown stating that he "needed food". I assured him that he would get food as soon as he got to school, that we just weren't having a breakfast here. This didn't seem to help. Since I felt bad, I offered to give him a breakfast bar (this is a Nutrigrain bar) to eat in the car on the way. He was pleased.

So this morning, since C1 was going to respite by himself, Mary had the idea of taking him to McDonald's for breakfast. I thought that was a great idea BUT not to let C2 know. Obviously, C2 is already not going on the "special sleepover" so I definitely didn't want him to know that McDonald's was going to be a prelude to this. I remembered one of the other times Mary was going to do something with just C1. Apparently she told him and said it was a secret, to not tell anyone. He immediately ran to C2 to rub it in his face. Then of course C2 was upset and I had to figure out something special to do with him. I did not want this at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Since we weren't actually telling C1 how he was getting food, we just mentioned that he would eat breakfast on the way, he started to bargain. I was packing his clothes and whatnot for the weekend so he asked if I could pack him a banana and breakfast bar. I said, "no sweetie, I'm sure Mary's going to give you some food on the way". He was not happy with this. Then it was, "can I just have a banana?". Some how we managed to get him out of the house with no packed food. I'm sure he was relieved to hear that he was going to be eating breakfast soon and at McDonald's no less.

Then we had C2 today. We went out to lunch at a normal restaurant - the glory of having only one child around. C2 ate a grilled cheese and corn on the cob along with some apple juice. I know, we're evil and don't get fries. After lunch, we go home and as soon as we walk in the door, he turns to me and says, "I need lunch". I just rolled my eyes.

In other funny things that kid's say. C2 fell down earlier. A minor fall, no tears, I think it was more shock since it was such a random fall. He looked at me and said, "I need my penguin to feel me better". It just cracked me up. *Penguin is one of the many stuffed animals that is usually in tow with C2, we bought him for his birthday and he is rather large.*

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Renee and Janice said...

I meant to ask you before. One, how did you get involved with fostercare? And Two, are ya finding out the baby's gender?