Thursday, January 17, 2008

Primary Crap

Election time makes me nervous. I'm basically a one issue voter - gay rights. I nearly had a stroke when I saw Huckabee win Iowa. And it scares me that so much of the nation seems to be affected by what happens in Iowa and New Hampshire. O.K., I don't mind NH so much - afterall, I am a New Englander but still. Needless to say, I was happy to see quite a difference in the results.

John McCain is a Republican but he seems pretty normal or at least he did. He didn't seem like one of the Christian Coalition robots but since he's been running, God seems to come up in a lot of his speeches. Oh Lord *literally*, here we go again.

I go back and forth with the Democrats. I was a registered Democrat up until the last election, I was even able to attend a night of the Democratic National Convention in Boston. I didn't think John Kerry could do anything to lose against George Bush but somehow he did. After the shock and horror left me, I decided to register as an Independent. Afterall, the Democrats are basically the lesser of two evils in my world.

Now, there's Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. John Edwards seems to already be running for vice prez again. Obama is charismatic and that's that. Hillary is a b*tch with a lot of experience. I don't mind either one but I don't have any faith in this country to vote in a woman or a black man. This country breathes prejudice. Many people going for Hillary seem to be focused more on Bill which scares me. Most people praise his days in the white house. Not for me, Mr. Clinton toted himself as a friend of the gays and then we got hit with don't ask, don't tell & DOMA (defense of marriage act) - the biggest thorn in my side.

Health care and war seem to be the major topics. Two of which, well, I just really don't care about. I think the war is stupid along with everyone that allowed it. And I'm someone that went without health insurance for about 8 years of my adult life but universal health care kind of scares me. It seems to work in some other places but America just doesn't seem to be able to do things right.

Mary's a registered republican. I'm not sure if she just likes the reaction of "I'm gay and a republican". She claims it's because she's a fiscal conservative. I think she's just crazy. Anywho, it's another election with more false hope. Maybe if the gays got some money together we could be a "special interest group".

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