Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Thoughts and Hope

Court this morning - caseworker finally presented termination of parents rights. It should happen in a few months. I feel like vomiting.

After our Boston trip, the kids visits will be moved to a new location. Just throw the kids for another loop of inconsistency.

Though I am somewhat relieved for this. As much as I like some of the staff where the visits have been, it's not a place for non-infants and the staff that I don't like hasn't done a good job in doing the supervision part of supervised visits.

I hope bio mom will stop filling the kids heads with false hopes and do the right thing by letting them go. As much as she is unfit, it's sad to see a mother fail like this. It's also hard to feel pity for her since she's had SO much time to get it together and has continually chosen drugs and random men over parenting. Expecting everyone else to pick up the pieces of the children she's scarred for life, expecting everyone to support her and provide services for her.

Of course, they're trying to pull relatives out of the wood work that could potentially take the kids - along with the great-grandomther (whom they've lived with previously), a crack head uncle, and the notorious "Great-Aunt D" is on the list (see post). We figured this would happen but it's really annoying that it's now when the kids have been in our care for nearly 7 months. Though we feel no relative has a standing chance, it's only to draw out the situation and delay stability for the boys.

Needless to say, when everything is said and done, I hope Mary and I can come to an adoption decision that is not only best for the children but best for both of us individually and as a couple.

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