Sunday, September 16, 2007

Going Pickin'

We had a fun day today going to an orchard/farm for apple picking and pumpkin picking. We decided to skip the corn maze since last year, Mary and I could barely manage it on our own. I had visions of losing the chitlins' in it.

C2 requested a "big, big punkin" (yes, it's punkin, not so that's exactly what we got. We also got a green one.

I think I have FINALLY trained the kids to somewhat pose for pictures so I got some really good ones today. Yay! I'm definitely all about taking pics' especially now that we have the boys so it's nice to have some decent ones of them.

Late in the day, before dinner, C1 threw a major fit when we told him to apologize for accidentally slamming C2's hand in the toy box. He said "no!" so we put him in his room for time out and he proceeded to go ballistic, punching & kicking his door, and screaming bloody murder. Oh, what our neighbors must think.

He has since calmed down but is going to bed w/out bath and stories as punishment since his tantrum went on for 40 minutes. Oh well, at least most of the day was fun and the weather was absolutely gorgeous :-)

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