Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Crowded Fair

We went to this fair today that's put on by Maine Organic Farmers. The fair could be really cool but it was way TOO crowded.

Mary also made this executive decision to not bring the stroller. Taken it is hard to push and it was some rocky terrain (ya know, not paved roads), it still would've been helpful.

C2 does NOT like to walk and when he walks, it's slower than molasses. When we take him places that involve walking w/out the stroller, I usually end up carrying him. He's over 35 pounds now so it's not exactly a good time. When we had to park about a mile away, I knew it was going to be a BAD idea.

I will say one thing about our chitlins, in public, they are better behaved than almost any other child. They know we don't take any sh*t and if they pull a fit over something, we're out of there immediately. Since we've done our fair share of leaving places, we now have 2 well behaved children in public.

We're in line and some little girl is throwing a fit and her parents are just catering to it. You haven't paid to get in yet, do you really want to take this child in?

Anywho, my favorite part was all the livestock including alpacas, goats, horses, and bunnies. Luckily, Mary didn't cave in to me begging for her to buy me a blue eyed bunny (there were like a million bunnies for sale). The last thing we need is another pet but I have an addiction. LOL.

Unfortunately, everything else was not enjoyable because you were trying to get through masses of people and food lines were INSANE. We got the boys some smoothies and realized AFTER we paid, they didn't come with straws because "straws aren't biodegradable". I wasn't sure the plastic coated cup they were in was either. Needless to say, I'm all about "green" stuff but don't sell me a smoothie w/out telling me I'm not getting a straw. So we had quite the adventure trying to have the kids drink smoothies w/out straws (a feat difficult even for someone that knows how to drink out of a cup).

Oh well, I'm looking forward to tomorrow which involves the kids going to preschool/daycare and me being ALONE :-) I definitely value my alone time which has been non-existent over the past 5 days.

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