Monday, September 10, 2007

I know you really wanted to know about my period

My lil' boy cat won't leave me alone. He keeps getting in my face & purring which is very cute but then he bites me. Now he's batting at my pony tail. Boys are crazy no matter the species.

I feel like karma with taking care of 2 boys and the fact that my 2 close friends have boys that I am destined to have a girl. I definitely want a baby girl so I can go crazy on pink and I hear they're MUCH easier *I like easy*. I'm also the last girl in the family including extended family. I'm 27!

Speaking of babies, my doctor's office left a cryptic message. I hate cryptic messages. Now I called her nurse/assistant whatever back and she's not in the office. I still haven't received the results from my HSG test but I figured no news was good news. Hopefully they are just being diligent and following up with the actual results and everything is clear.

I was going to delay in calling her back 'til tomorrow when my period should arrive. I want to schedule an ultrasound for day 12 since I'll be on the clomid. I have my fingers crossed that my period will hold out until Thursday. If I get a day 1 on Thursday, my day 12 will fall on a Monday which will be beautiful. *fingers crossed*

Not dealing with an actual fertility clinic, I am a prisoner to the schedule of week days. If my ovulation falls on the weekend, the cycle will most likely be down the drain.

I was delighted to pick up the clomid and it be under $25. I figured my insurance wouldn't cover it and when the pharmacist confirmed this with a look that to me said, do you really want to pay for this? $25 is a drop in the bucket with the $5,000+ we've already invested into having a baby. At this rate, we could've bought a baby.

O.k. the cat just literally pulled the hair tie out of my hair. Crazy BoBo.

This post was entirely random and I really should take a nap. I feel so tired today because we're having this yucky gloomy weather. I can never really wake up on days like this.

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