Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 1 of Waiting

Well, the wait is on and I feel pretty good. I'm trying not to obsess over the fact I could be pregnant. I have had more pain than I thought I would post IUI but it seems to be subsiding. I usually feel some pain from ovulation so maybe it was the other egg popping out. Whatever, I'm not obsessing ;-)

It's been a lazy day. The only thing I've done is bring the cryotank to FedEx and make a few phone calls. We weren't able to get our fuel for the house delivered yesterday because we had left Chloe out in the yard in the a.m. *oops* so I had to deal with scheduling that.

I was going to call a temp agency to find some work but Mary said not to. I was doing this contract job for Harvard. Basically, just data entry from home. They already paid me a flat fee (and a very nice on at that) but there hasn't been much to do. Now she says there will be a decent project in the next few weeks. It's definitely easier to work from home because I can deal with the dogs and the kid stuff.

Anywho, I feel exhausted today. It is SO hot here, it's draining. It's literally 90 degrees right now. I've tried to stay downstairs in the family room since the upstairs of our house is like an oven. I love the heat but I'm getting sick of the up and down temps. One day it's 60s and then it's 80s.

Oh well, I'm off to shower in attempts to cool myself down.

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